Virtual Worship Began Sunday, Oct. 25, continues in 2021

Please continue to worship along with the recorded services on You tube and/or by using your Worship Guide and Celebrate inserts you will receive by mail. Get your Bible, your materials, light a candle and sing along with the hymns and pray the prayers. God will lift up your heart as you worship. Your church family will be strengthened too.  Even though we are separated by space, the Holy Spirit unites us.

Find all of our video-taped services on YouTube.  CLICK HERE or leave our page and go to and type "Cooksville Lutheran Church" in the search bar to find recent videos.

See also our Newsletters that are posted monthly on this website.  If you would like to be added to our email list and receive it automatically, please send your request to

*Please note that while we have so MANY talented and eager volunteers (THANK YOU ALL!)  we have had to make difficult choices about limiting the number of helpers that gather together to record the services.  By using the same “team” regularly, the seasoned participants can complete the taping in a shorter time than if training new people each week.  By keeping the group small, we maintain as much physical distancing as possible within the sanctuary.  We thank you for your support and understanding!  God be with you all!

Pastor Karla has retired as of December 31, 2020

Kevin often says, “this is the best church I have ever belonged to.”  I agree.  I thank God that my last five years, out of thirty years of parish ministry, has been in this special caring, singing congregation.

May you always receive the blessings of peace, joy, and love from our Lord and Savior. You will be in our heart and in our prayers always!


Pastor Karla J. Brekke

Virtual Communion

Begins February 14, 2021!!

Starting on February 14th, communion will be offered during our virtual worship. While these unusual times make us question how we can commune with brothers and sisters in Christ while being separate from them, we are committing to that connection by being involved in our shared worship each week.   Suggestions from Pastor Rod Nordby to prepare our homes and hearts for the familiar words we hear and accept at communion include:


· Create a space and tone —reserve a dedicated space to be your “altar” at home;

· Prepare wine or grape juice and bread or crackers before tuning in to the worship;

· Offer the elements to each other if you are two or more, but it is fine to be by yourself too;

· Follow directions and timing of Pastor during institution.


If you are not comfortable doing this at home, do not feel that you must!  If you would like to receive communion at St. John’s Lutheran in Evansville, Pastor Matt Poock assures us we are welcomed there too!  Please check their website or call ahead for details 608-882-4044  about Saturday afternoon parking-lot communion procedures. 


We look forward to the time we can gather at our church altar again!

Our Annual Meeting is scheduled for April 11th

The council made a decision to post-pone our usual February meeting to April when we hope to be able to either gather in the church, or at the very least outdoors.  The current council members and officers remain seated until that time.

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